Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Touchdown at Wildwood

The entrance to Wildwood underwent some major changes this past year.  Mainly, we eliminated four wind damaged trees.

Suddenly, the area was sunny. Really sunny. And really bare.

We moved some good soil from another location on the property to create a planting area.  We used the John Deere to move in some large lichen covered boulders.  We positioned a large twisting oak branch within the boulder groupings.  We planted Joe Pye Weed, Vernonia, Matilija Poppy and Lomandra.

We were missing something though.  Then, the Egret touched down.  Now that the Egret likes it, we think we're on the right track. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Seeds from Strybing

This past weekend, I stopped by Strybing Arboretum to talk to the garden's curator, Don Mahoney.  He was gracious enough to take some time out from the weekend plant sale to look at one of the Dogwoods in the garden.

Not just any Dogwood either.  A species [Cornus urbiniana] native to Mexico that is rarely found in the US.  It grows a bit taller than the Dogwoods native to the east coast and the bracts on the flowers curve inward with the tips touching.  The flowers look like big sales in the spring.

We found fifteen seeds on the tree and snipped off some young growth to use for cuttings.  Now it's up to me to get them to grow.  No pressure!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Novum in November.

We're giving special attention to the Maple in the center circle at Wildwood this year.  Well, this blog is giving it special attention.

Each month, we're taking a snapshot and looking at the progression of colors throughout the year.  This month, it's at the peak of fall color.  The special characteristic of Novum is it has more orange tones than most upright trees in the fall.  So, while most red trees are bright, this maple positively glows.

And it looks great after a long summer of continuous hot sun and windy conditions!  The tree's canopy is beginning to cast shade on the center circle.  With next year's new growth Novum will probably be 20% larger!