Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Displays At Wildwood

The past few years have seen a number of changes to the nursery especially the layout and display areas.

Lately, we've created a few more new display sections at Wildwood.  The section shown to the left is half of a pair of islands in the very front of the nursery.  They're only temporary; they'll be there for the first half of July.

Another section mid way through the nursery is undergoing a major revitalization.  The current layout centers on a fallen oak with wild looking roots still intact.  A row of miniature conifers lines the 'spine' of the trunk.  As we move into summer, the heat will force us to adapt the plant mix!

Stop in and explore the new pathways and plants.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mid Summer Maple Series

This July, Wildwood will have a series of talks on Maples.

The poster for the series is hot off the presses and we're excited.  The talks will go beyond FAQ's and cover the qualities that make maples magical.  The goal is broaden the concept of maple beyond lace leafs [Are you growing marijuana?] and the ubiquitous maple leaf.  With several hundred maples to cull from for the talks, we'll be sure to have fresh exciting concepts to cover.

Visit for a gardening pep talk and leave with inspiration for your garden and community!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rafting on the Middle Fork

Spring is for gardening, Summer is for fun, right?

The middle fork of the American River is a great place to have fun.  The canyon walls on either side of the river offer great scenery in the calmer sections.  The class IV rapids provide plenty of excitement for folks trying to lollygag in the warm weather.

Since the American River is one of the few rivers in CA that is dam controlled and raftable, the drought is a non-issue!

If you go, try to stay in the boat, unlike the unnamed fellow in the picture.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crossing Grace

While summer's around the corner it seems like we've had quite a head start.  The growing season definitely started early.

We took advantage of that earlier this year at a garden in Sonoma County. Except for shade from a few large maples and one big smoke bush, the front yard gets all day sun.  The smokebush [Cotinus x Grace] is a hybrid of a European smoke bush and American smoke tree.

Its intense reds and scarlets need light greens to calm the color palette.  Wildwood chose the Autumn Joy Sedum, Penstemon Midnight, Agastache Acapulco, and Iris to accomplish this.  The Sedum is a soft pink, the Iris has large green blades and the Penstemon flowers jazz things up!