Thursday, September 24, 2015

End of Summer Party

Summer farewell parties are bittersweet unless it's Indian Summer!  Last Sunday, the owners of one of Wildwood's gardens threw a neighborhood party.

Many of the roses, digiplexis, hydrangeas, geraniums, eupatoriums, and guaras cooperated with late season blooms.  The table floral decorations added extra punch while the outdoor bar created a rosy filter.  See pics on Wildwood's facebook.

Many of the attendees were from Loudmouth [think the US curling team pants...] and Haute Flash [the band] jazzed things up!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Morning After Rain

The skies washed away months of dust and haze, leaving pristine views early this morning on Adobe Canyon in Kenwood.

We pruned this naturally stunted fir tree to accentuate the layers.  One more touch up this winter should leave the tree looking like a giant bonsai.  Hint: lowering the top is the last step!

There are many more manzanitas and oaks in the garden that benefitted from selective pruning.  See more photos including a surprise guest!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Sale Starts

Wildwood Nursery's annual sale is now officially on!

Newsletter subscribers did have an early jump on things this weekend.  Nevertheless, there are still tons of awesome deals sitting around the nursery.  From Japanese maples to ginkgos to dogwoods everything is 30% off.

Usually, the sale happens before fall color so folks have to imagine fall colors.  This year, many trees  have the bright scarlets, oranges, and gold of fall!  See fruits on the dogwoods and much more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Visiting the Wildflower Center in Austin

It's one thing to take the virtual tour of the Wildflower Center on  Walking through the gardens is an experience on a whole other level!

The common thread winding through the entire grounds is water.  The gardens use cisterns, aqueducts, waterfalls, creeks, and tanks to highlight how precious the resource is.

The landscape integrates a wide range of plants in an aesthetically pleasing and educational manner.  Everything from a Texas Persimmon to Ilex vomitora [don't eat the berries] grows in the gardens.

More pictures at

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stylish Lantern

Monday, Wildwood Nursery made a field trip to a private garden in the hills of Sonoma.

The garden has every ornament under the sun, from Chinese lanterns to Mediterranean vases.  One of the most striking pieces is a vintage Japanese lantern.  The rough hewn granite has smoothed 'rings' around the edge of the hood and base that accent its character. Faint inscriptions on the body add personality to the piece.

The lantern would look best along a winding path [no sharp turns] because of the round hood. 

Perhaps, we'll find a spot in the nursery to display a new lantern!