Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Novum In September

This summer we looked at the Novum planted in Wildwood's center circle.

It was a handsome red with bronze tinges on the leaves.  Well, it's changed color.  Surprise, surprise!

Even before the onset of fall color, this Novum develops a light yellow caste on the mostly red leaves.  This change brightens the overall look of the tree and is a cheery portrait with all the late summer brown and rust tones.

This change is only a preview of the spectacular fall color.  Hold on your horses, fall color promises to be a knockout!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Year Anniversary

Chalk one up.  The blog is one year old!

If the blog were a tree, how would we tell it's one year old?  It might have a growth ring, for starters.  Trees tend to sprout in the spring and this is the fall so it's what we call a late bloomer.  And, until year two, it's really hard to see a growth ring.

Candle[s] might be easier.  We'll put one on a cupcake tonight and make a wish.  Year two could be a whole bunch of fun!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Ad Campaign

Later this month, Studio Wildwood will launch a new ad campaign.  The ads will first appear in print in Sonoma County's Press Democrat.  Online placements will soon follow.

The campaign is centered around naturalistic plant selections that compliment rare and unusual plants from around the world.  Too often, residential gardens rely on a limited plant palette found at big box stores.  The plant world has so much more to offer.  The studio designs gardens that have texture, color, year round interest, and longevity.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Star Performer

At Wildwood, we rarely play favorites with our plants.  They all have their own personalities and their own merits.  Usually it's the setting, not the plant, that determines which plant is best suited for a space.

Sometimes, a plant looks great in many different settings.  Right now, we're soaking up the last rays of summer and enjoying a preview of autumn colors.  One plant that embodies all that is Mr. Sun.

Our young trees are small in stature.  They still pack a big punch.  Layers of orange yellow tones and slightly curving leaves call out attention.  Whenever we look at Mr. Sun, he reminds us of two great seasons - summer and fall.