Monday, September 24, 2018

Getting Started

The first Instagram photos in 2010 were grainy in the moment shots.  Wildwood's first Instagram photos are basically on par.

It'll be a challenge merging into the "instant camera/telegram" conversation.  Nature photography and retail are sophisticated animals.  At this stage, taking more photos helps document and educate us about where we can improve.  The story is just beginning.

If you're starting a project, bring photos when you visit Wildwood.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Annual Sale Final Week

Man made and natural wonders collide this week at Wildwood.

The Annual Sale runs until the 23rd.  There is nursery wide savings on dwarf ginkgo, dwarf conifers, rare maples, mature maples, and dogwoods.  People find that if they comb through the different sections they find real treasures perfect for their garden.

A sprinkling of plants are starting to show fall color and that will only increase in the weeks ahead.  This is a rare time when gardeners can see summer and fall color side by side.  This eliminates the confusion of "how bright is scarlet compared to red" or "how much more gold is it than yellow".

Low prices and bright colors - what more can gardeners ask for?