Monday, June 22, 2015

West County Zen Garden

Last Friday, we took a field trip to Occidental to visit a master woodworker.  Barton now divides his time between woodworking and practicing Buddhism.
He is a Buddhist priest who hosts retreats in his sanctuary garden.  The property is a combination food forest, redwood grove, blackberry maze, and retreat center.  The food forest is ablaze with color - nasturtiums, dahlias, poppies, lettuce, flowering vines, chard, sunflowers and more.  His philosophy of not fighting anything [pests, weeds, etc] is working wonderfully.
He also took a moment to weigh in on how we can use the old growth redwood on our water tank.  The pictures of the structures he built [Larry Ellison's compound] are inspiring!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Starts In Sausalito

The mercury hiked up to the 90's in Sausalito today.  The roses love it.  The dogwoods love it.  The lilies love it.

I wasn't quite ready for it so I ended up taking pictures.  Most of the plants were transplanted [and cut back] in the winter so they're still spreading their roots. 

The large Princess Flower stayed in one place and is covered in buds.  Pink Satomi dogwoods are blooming on either side of it.  The deck trellis in the background is one of the few cool spots in the entire garden.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Miniature Zen Garden


Wildwood Nursery now offers an assortment of miniature zen gardens for table settings and pedestal displays.

All these container size gardens have a sculptural centerpiece that range from smokebushes to firs to maples.  A complimentary fern or grass grouping sits next to the centerpiece.  Aquarium rock provides a soft finished look for mounded soil.  Many of the zen gardens also feature a prominent stone.

These miniature zen gardens are great gifts for the space challenged gardener.  They look great from all angles or against a solid backdrop!  Call the nursery for availability.